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How do I prevent and remove spam?
Last modified on 01 September 2017 03:05 PM

What is spam? 

Email spam is unsolicited, unwanted email. Email spam is generally used for marketing, but is sometimes used maliciously to deliver a computer virus. Spammers and phishers are unfortunately very smart and use lots of tricks to avoid spam filters. For example, they use different domains and content to avoid the spam filter.

We at StartMail understand that you prefer to keep your spam to a minimum, and we're doing our best to help you achieve this. Our spam filter does have the capability of dealing with excessive and diverse spam, but it unfortunately requires that you initially keep marking everything as spam. Over time, however, our Bayesian filtering technology learns your preferences to determine what is and is not spam. Please be aware that the more you give out your email address on public websites, or to commercial companies, the easier it is for spammers to get your email address, and send you spam. We suggest the following tips to help you keep spam to a minimum:

Tips to prevent receiving spam

  1. Always avoid using your real email address when signing up for online accounts, and use a StartMail alias instead. If your alias is being spammed, simply delete or turn off the alias in order to stop the spam from reaching your inbox. Please visit this article for more information on creating aliases.

  2. Avoid exposing your main email address on public websites or social media, or in documents that are freely accessible on the Web.

  3. Unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters, etc. Legally, all unsolicited emails are required to have an unsubscribe option (usually at the bottom of the email), but illegal spammers will probably not abide by the law. Legitimate unsubscribe links will already know your email address so you won’t need to fill it out. If an unsubscribe link asks for your email address, do not type it in, as this may cause the spammer to send you even more Spam.

  4. For your protection, NEVER open an email from unknown senders, suspicious sources, or when you are not expecting to receive an email attachment.

  5. In the email header, you may also see a link under List-Unsubscribe which may contain an email address for unsubscribing.

  6. You may be able to report the spammer to abuse@thespammersdomain, but if the spammer owns the domain, this will not help.


Removing spam from your inbox

Although our Spam filter is state-of-the-art, it is unique to each user’s email experience and therefore may take more time to work. Over time StartMail’s anti-spam feature will be "trained" to identify spam delivered to your inbox, based on the email that you identify as spam, and will automatically move it to your spam folder.

  1. If you receive spam in your StartMail account, simply click the Spam link at the top of your inbox, while viewing the email. Your email spam will be moved to your Spam folder (at the bottom left in the navigation column).

  2. Review your spam folder regularly, and if any legitimate mail lands there by mistake, please mark it as "not spam" by clicking the not spam button above the list of messages in your spam folder.

Whether or not an email is officially marked as spam can be seen in the full header. To show the full header information, please click on the email in question and click “Show full header” at the top right of the email. On the left side of the Full Header information, you will see a Spam score under X-Spam-Status: such as 3.5, required = 5.0. It may take several clicks for the system to finally put these emails in your Spam folder. Once the threshold of 5.0 is reached, the emails will automatically be sent to the Spam folder, and you will no longer have to do this manually. More information about our anti-spam feature can be found here.

Note: If you continue to receive the same spam daily, weekly, or monthly, click Spam each time if they are still not going into your Spam folder. If emails are already going directly into your Spam folder, you won't need to mark them as Spam.


Create an additional filter to prevent excessive spam in your inbox

Over time our Bayesian filtering technology learns your preferences to determine what is and is not spam. As long as the spam function isn’t working fully, we suggest creating a filter to prevent the buildup of spam from one specific sender into your inbox. You can create a filter, and emails from the sender will go directly to a certain folder.

Don't set up a filter to have the emails go directly into the Spam folder, because each email still needs to be marked as Spam through the Spam button. Instead, we recommend creating a new folder labeled "Mark as spam", to which you can temporarily direct email that hasn't been recognized as spam by the spam filter yet. Please read this Support Center article for more information.

Note: We do not have a way of blocking a particular email address. It may also help to send an email to the company the person you want to block is emailing from, and ask them to take action. Usually the address would be

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