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How do I transition to my new StartMail account?
Last modified on 12 July 2018 04:17 PM

Change is hard! But changing your email address doesn’t have to be. Here’s what we recommend you do to transition from your old email to your new StartMail account.

1.  Research whether your old email provider will allow you to forward your email to your new StartMail account. If it does not, set up an auto-reply to inform your acquaintances that you have a new email address. To learn how to export your emails to StartMail, please read this article.

2.  Update your contact information on websites that have your old email address. For example, if your bills are emailed to you, log in to your biller's website and change your contact information to reflect your new email address. You may wish to use our aliases feature for that purpose.

3.  Send an email to all the contacts in your address book to notify them of your new email address.

4.  Import your address book into your StartMail contacts.

5.  You may choose to close your old account after a transition period or keep it open to check periodically. You may wish to use it as a recovery address if you should forget your StartMail password. To learn how to update your recovery email address, please click here.


Note: If you will be transfering from an old StartMail account to a new StartMail account and have PGP-encrypted emails that you wish to be able to decrypt in your new StartMail account, you will also have to transfer your keypair. To do this, please go to Settings > Mail Encryption > Export keypair.

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