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Save drafts
Last modified on 29 August 2017 02:23 PM

There may be any number of reasons to put an email down and return to it later. StartMail allows you to save any email you have been working on as a draft so that you can save it and finish it at a later time. It also is good practice when writing a longer email to save it as a draft in case you accidentally close your tab or your browser.

Save an email as a draft

Click save draft above the header. A draft saved dialogue will appear to the right of the header, so you’ll know it's saved.


Return to an email you saved as a draft

Look in the Drafts folder on the left-hand side under your Inbox, and find the email you were working on. Open it by double clicking on the message and you may carry on writing, sending, or re-saving again as a draft.


Configure how often StartMail auto-saves your drafts

StartMail will also automatically save what you've written as a draft at an interval of your choosing. To determine how often you would like StartMail to auto-save your drafts, go to Settings > Compose > Auto-save drafts every:.


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