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What can I personalize from the Settings Menu?
Last modified on 20 February 2020 12:33 PM

To personalize your StartMail experience in webmail, log in to your StartMail account from a web browser; then click Settings in the top right of the page.  A Settings menu will be displayed with explanations of the types of changes you can make within each section.

 The following is a rundown of what you can change in Settings:    



  • Choose how often StartMail auto-saves your drafts
  • Choose whether StartMail auto-fills email addresses from contacts while composing, and maintain your recipients list
  • Choose whether you are your own recipient when you reply all
  • Manage how StartMail handles your identities (aliases) when replying
  • Default email formatting (rich or plain text)
  • Manage your signature (VIDEO DEMONSTRATION HERE)


  • Select alternating row colors in your mailboxes for easier visual sorting
  • Date display (January 17, 2011 vs. 1/17/11)
  • Option to convert all incoming messages to plaintext
  • Show full email header or not
  • Manage how StartMail handles external images and external links


Email aliases    

Mail encryption

  • Set up PGP encryption
  • Select types of encryption
  • Encrypt all outgoing mail or not
  • Choose whether or not to sign outgoing mail with your PGP-signature
  • Choose whether to share your public key with other StartMail users
  • Choose whether or for how long StartMail remembers your PGP passphrase before you must re-enter your PGP passphrase
  • Enable the selection of advanced PGP options
    • Enabling this flag will display the option to export your public key or your own key pair from the compose window
  • Upload your public key
  • Manage your PGP Keyring
  • Export your public key or key pair
  • Change your PGP Passphrase
  • Generate a new PGP Key

- For other information on our Encryption features, see the Encryption section of our Support Center.

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