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Last modified on 20 February 2020 12:19 PM

1. To send an email, you must provide at least one recipient in the To: field.

You may simply type an email address or paste it in, but StartMail also comes equipped with an auto-fill feature that can help save time. It's enabled by default, but you can doublecheck by going to Settings > Compose and confirming that the box labeled "Auto-fill email addresses from contacts while composing" is selected. 

If this is selected, a drop down list opens when you type the first two letters of the recipient's name or email address. For example, if your contact had the email address of, typing in "Gi" would bring up that contact.

Separate multiple recipients by commas.


You can also add CC or BCC (carbon copy and blind carbon copy, respectively) by clicking those links to the right of the To: field.  This will create new fields for you to enter additional email addresses.

Another way to select the contact(s) to whom you wish to send a message is to first click Contacts, located at the top right of the page, which will pull up your contacts. If you hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard ( on a Mac), you can select the contacts you wish to include in your email. Then, click the  button (or the compose button located in the green bar). If you only want to email a single contact, you can click on that contact's email address or highlight and click   or the compose button located in the green bar.) For more information on contacts, follow this link. 

For more information on email aliases (see "Create email alias" in the image above?), follow this link


2. You may also enter a Subject, though that is optional.


3. Once you have composed a message, all you need to do in order to send it is click  on the top of the page by the StartMail logo. All of your sent messages, will appear in the Sent folder, in the left column.


Note: If you do not need or want to add encryption to an email, leave the Encrypt this email box unchecked. For more on encryption, follow this link.

To learn how to send an email to a group, please follow this link.

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