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Using filters and highlight rules
Last modified on 20 February 2020 09:55 AM

Please note: filters are currently not supported in email clients using IMAP. Log in to your account in a Web browser for your filter rules to be applied.

Filters allow you to control the behavior of incoming messages to make your webmail experience more convenient and efficient. For instance, you may want all messages from or to a certain email address or containing certain text to be routed to a folder other than your Inbox. This way you can easily whitelist certain emails, such as emails to your alias. StartMail offers several sorting options when you create a custom filter.

To get started, log in to your StartMail account in a Web browser and click Manage filters



From here you can create and edit filters as well as highlighting rules (see below).

  • Create a filter: Click New filter. Fill in the three fields according to the on-screen instructions and click Create new filter when you are finished.
  • Edit a filter: Choose which filter you'd like to edit and click Edit under the Actions: column. From there, the procedure is the same as when you created it; see above.  When you are finished editing, click Save changes.
  • Delete a filter: Choose which filter you'd like to delete and click Delete under the column: Actions.


Highlight rules allow you to customize the appearance of specific emails in your inbox according to conditions you determine. For instance, you may want emails containing a certain subject or from a certain sender to be highlighted with a certain color in your inbox so they are easier to notice, like this, for instance:


  • Create a highlighting rule: Click New highlight rule and fill out the four fields according to the on-screen instructions. When you are finished, click Create highlight rule.
  • Editing and deleting highlight rules work the same way as filters.
  • The following image shows you which parameters you need to configure to create your highlighting rules: 


Currently, StartMail supports up to 100 different filters and 100 different highlight rules.

Note: Highlightrules and filters have an order in which they are obeyed. The higher up a filter or highlight rule is placed, the sooner it will be enforced by your inbox.

 For example, consider the following two rules:

  • If Subject: field contains "Example subject line", then move the email to Folder 1.
  • If From: field contains "", then move the email to Folder 2.

In this case, an email from "" with the subject line "Example subject line" will be moved to Folder 1, as the topmost rule is applied first. Emails from "" with any other subject line will be moved to Folder 2, as the first rule wasn't met, but the second rule was.
To learn more about how to filter out spam, please follow this link.

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