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Using folders
Last modified on 24 July 2018 09:32 AM

StartMail comes with a default set of system folders that cannot be deleted or moved: Inbox, Drafts, Sent, Trash and Spam.

StartMail also allows you to create and manage your own custom folders and subfolders (folders within folders). This article explains how to manage your custom folders with StartMail. You will have to sign in at to be able to manage your folders. If you're using StartMail with an email client you will have to sign in with StartMail through your browser first, and any changes wil automatically sync to your email client. (You may have to refresh/ sync your Mailbox for your folder changes to appear.)

This article will provide instructions for the following:

  1. Creating Folders
  2. Renaming Folders
  3. Deleting Folders
  4. Creating Subfolders
  5. Reordering Folders
  6. Expanding and Collapsing Folders

A video demonstration is also available by following this link.

1. Creating Folders

  1. Log in to your StartMail account at 
  2. Click Manage folders at the bottom of the Inbox left-navigation

  3. Under Create new folder, enter a folder name in the text box provided. (More info on creating subfolders below).

  4. Click Create.

2. Renaming Folders

  1. Under Rename folder, select which folder you'd like to rename from the dropdown menu
  2. Next to New folder name: enter the new name
  3. Click Rename.

3. Deleting Folders

  1. Under Delete folder, select the desired folder from the dropdown menu. Please note that folders can only be deleted individually, and that all subfolders will also automatically be deleted.

  2. Click Delete.

4. Creating Subfolders

  1. Under Create new folder, enter a folder name in the text box provided. 
  2. Check the As subfolder of box, and select the desired folder
  3. Click Create

  4. Your new subfolder will now appear in the left navigation panel in alphabetical order. Notice that "New Subfolder" appears inside the "Notes" folder


5. Reordering folders

  1. Go to your StartMail inbox, highlight a folder and drag and drop it to the desired position. In the following example, the folder "Deleted Items" is being moved below the folder "Junk-Email." (Note: This method is not supported by touch interfaces, so you will not be able to reorder or move your folders on a smartphone or tablet.)


6. Expanding and Collapsing folders

  1. To expand and collapse (show or hide) folders in the side navigation panel, click the arrow next to a folder. If the arrow is pointing right, a folder's contents will be hidden.
  2. If the arrow is pointing right, a folder's contents will be hidden. Notice the arrow next to the "Trash" folder is pointing to the right, indicating that the folders within "Trash" are not showing.

  3. If the arrow is pointing down, a folder's contents will be shown. Notice the arrow next to the "Trash" folder is now pointing down, and you can now see that "Trash" contains various subfolders.

- To move an email into a folder, click on the email in your list of emails from your inbox, and drag and drop it into the desired folder in the left column. To learn how to move multiple emails into a folder, please visit this link.
- To open the contents of a folder, simply click on the foldername in the left column.
- If you are having difficulty finding any new folders you created, make sure that the arrow next to "Inbox" is facing down.
- Your custom folders can also be used in conjunction with filtering rules. To learn more about how filters in StartMail work, click here

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