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Setting up encryption for StartMail using an email client
Last modified on 21 February 2020 02:30 PM

Please note that the complexity of this process and the fact that it involves third-party products means we are unable to provide customer support or additional help for these instructions.

We designed StartMail to be easy to use with PGP encryption, using one-click encryption through our webmail client.  However, some users may wish to access encrypted mail using a third-party email client. You can find more information about email clients here.

Before you can set up PGP encryption using your email client, you must first add your StartMail account to your email client using IMAP. You can find instructions for this here

To configure your StartMail account with PGP encryption in your email client, select a link to directions from the following list of supported email clients:

Android device

Apple Mail

iOS device (iPhone, iPad)

Mozilla Thunderbird

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