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External links
Last modified on 17 July 2016 06:05 PM

Opening a link

As a privacy measure, StartMail will warn you every time you click an external link in one of your emails. Clicking on an external link will take you off the StartMail website. This means that the website could potentially add cookies to your browser, or collect your personal information (IP address, browser info, etc.)

Click a link you receive ...

... and you'll receive a warning.


If you do not wish to receive this warning, go to Settings > Display and select Always follow external links – I understand the privacy risks; by default, the system is set to "Warn me before following links to external pages."


You can also select "Do not show this message again" in the External link warning above.



To send a link, simply compose or paste the URL into the body of your email and most of your recipients will be using a system that automatically converts that text to a hyperlink. 

If you would rather send a link that uses an anchor instead of the URL itself (like this!), highlight the word(s) you’d like to use as your anchor and click the chain link icon ()in the editor.  From there you can drop the URL in and also modify a number of other parameters, should you wish to.

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