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What is an email header?
Last modified on 26 March 2015 10:29 PM

Email headers are a body of text at the top of every email that contains information about the email. While typically hidden from users, they contain important details like the values of the To, From, CC, and BCC fields, the subject of the email, and details about the mail servers that help route the message across the Internet to its destination. Your mail program (and StartMail) uses these details to help deliver your message.

Headers are not shown by default in StartMail, but you can view them by clicking the Show Header link above the body of a message in your Inbox.

You may recognize some of the fields, such as the To: and From: entries, but headers often contain additional details that describe the configuration of your email client, what kind of email security is in place, and how your mail was delivered. These extra details can be helpful to mail servers, but can also disclose important details about you as a user that you might not be aware are being shared.

As a result, StartMail implements a privacy feature called "header stripping," in which we remove non-essential details from the header that could otherwise disclose information about you to others unintentionally. To read more about this feature, please see our support article on Header Stripping here.

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