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Apple Mail IMAP Setup
Last modified on 07 June 2018 08:07 AM

STOP! Before you can add your StartMail account to your email client, you first must enable IMAP access in the StartMail settings.

Follow this link to enable IMAP access in StartMail before returning to the steps below. Once you are shown the "Add device password" information in StartMail, please continue with the steps below:

  1. Open Apple Mail, and from the "Choose a Mail account provider" box, select Other Mail Account... and click Continue. (If you have already set up a different mail provider in Apple Mail, please go to Mail, and then select Add Account).

  2. In the "Add a Mail Account," dialogue box, you will have to enter the information shown in the "Add device password" popup. Make sure to have this popup ready.

    - Name: Enter your StartMail email address (Mac may automatically fill out the username of your device. Please make sure to remove this username and replace it with your StartMail email address).
    - Email Address: Enter your StartMail email address again.
    - Password: Copy and paste the device password you were given in the "Add device password" popup. It is shown in bold at the top of the popup, then click Sign In. (Please do NOT use the password you use to log in to StartMail over the Web). The information in the "Add a Mail account" dialogue box should look like this:

  3. In the next dialogue box, make sure the following fields are filled out correctly (Please note that a red warning may show saying "Unable to verify account name or password". You can disregard this message, as this is linked to Mac automatically filling out your User Name):
    - Email Address: Your StartMail email address will automatically appear, based on the information filled out in the previous dialogue box.
    - User Name: Your StartMail email address should be entered. (Mail may again automatically fill out the username of your device. Please, make sure to remove this username and replace it with your StartMail email address. 
    - Password: Mail will automatically fill out your password, based on the information entered in the previous dialogue box.
    - Account Type: Make sure this is set to IMAP
    - Incoming Mail Server:
    - Outgoing Mail Server:

  4. Please double check whether all of the fields are filled out correctly. Pay special attention to the User Name: field, and make sure this field contains your StartMail email address (Mail tends to autofill this field with your device's user name. However, it should only contain your StartMail email address). Your settings should look like the settings shown in the image above.
  5. Click Sign in to continue.
  6. You will now see the box "Select the apps you want to use with this account". Make sure, Mail is selected, and click Done.

That's it! You are now able to send and receive emails using StartMail from within Mail.


- If you have been unsuccessful, take a moment to recheck all the information you entered.
- Please click here for some common troubleshooting tips for setting up StartMail with your email client.
- Previously, users with IMAP connections had a two letter prefix in the "Server hostname" fields. While those configurations will work, the two-letter prefix is no longer needed.

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