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I forgot my password - now what?
Last modified on 11 June 2018 04:18 PM

At StartMail we highly value the security of your account. Our security features prevent any staff member from accessing your password and provide an added safeguard against unauthorized access of your email.

While improving the security of StartMail, the consequence is that we cannot recover or reset your password if you ever lose it, unless you have supplied us with a valid, verified recovery email address you can access at all times or if you make use of a valid recovery code that you have stored yourself.  

If you have forgotten your account password, follow these steps to request a password reset link:

1.  Enter the following URL in the address window of your web browser: and click Can't access your account?

2.  In the "Can't access your account?" section of the page, enter your account email address, human verification code and click Reset password.

3.  A recovery confirmation message will be dispayed.



From here your path will depend on whether or not you have a verified recovery email address or not. Follow this link for more information on recovery email addresses.   

Yes, I have a verified recovery email address. In this case, you will automatically receive a confirmation email to your recovery email address acknowledging that you have initiated a password reset request for your StartMail account.  Within 1 business day, you will receive a link to reset your StartMail account password. 

No, I don’t have a verified recovery email address. In this case, use your valid password recovery key.  

As a reminder, your password recovery key would have been generated at one of the following times:

  • If you didn't enter a recover address in the optional password recovery field on page 2 of the account creation process.
  • If you deleted your recovery address under Settings > Account (whether it's verified or not).
  • If you used your password recovery key to reset a password.

Click If you have chosen to store your own recovery code, click here to continue  from the recovery confirmation message depicted above.  Then, enter your recovery key when prompted, and then click Continue. The Confirm Password Reset page will be displayed to allow you to enter and confirm a new password.

Your recovery code will be validated when you click Confirm password reset. Recovery codes are valid for only one use. An updated recovery code will automatically be generated when you use your recovery code to regain access to your account.  

WARNING: If you forget your password and do not have a recovery code or verified recovery email address, your StartMail account will not be recoverable. This is a security feature. StartMail may not be held liable for any damages or losses arising from the loss of or failure to remember your password.

Follow this link for more information about updating your recovery email address. 

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