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Does StartMail use the Facebook and Twitter social widgets?
Last modified on 21 February 2020 11:02 PM

Popular, pervasive and, unfortunately, anything but private, Facebook and Twitter aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

Among the social media giants’ questionable privacy practices is their social media widget, found on a vast number of popular sites across the world. As documented in the Wall Street Journal and other outlets, through these widgets Facebook and Twitter have the ability to collect what users read on these sites. Indeed, any user who has logged in to Facebook or Twitter within a month of visiting a site with the social widget enabled will have their browsing history stored. Worse, you don’t even have to click “Like” or “Tweet” for this to work! Although Twitter and Facebook claim that they anonymize and delete this data, it is nonetheless a privacy risk.

On certain StartMail pages, you will find what appears to be Facebook and Social icons for purposes of giving you an easy way to connect with us on those sites. Importantly, however, we actually show you icons of our own which simply link to our Facebook and Twitter pages, and do not contain any tracking code. We do this to make sure that you can find us on social media without using the user-tracking widgets present on other sites.

We've got your back - and we put you back in control of your own privacy.

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