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How do I create a StartMail Personal email account?
Last modified on 22 November 2017 07:47 PM

Thank you for your interest in creating a StartMail Personal Account! For more information about Personal Account features and pricing, please click here for details.

Your StartMail Personal email address will contain the domain, e.g. If you wish to use your own domain with StartMail, you can do so by creating a StartMail Business account. Business accounts give you an email address at a domain you own (e.g. or This will give you total privacy when emailing colleagues or clients. Instructions for creating a Business Account can be found here.

We ask that you choose your email address carefully, because once a primary email address is confirmed, it can't be changed or re-used.

Purchasing a subscription for a StartMail Personal email account is simple and straightforward. Please follow the 8 steps below to get started:


1. Sign up

1. In the URL bar of your browser, enter and click the green Sign Up button.

2. Under Personal, select I want to purchase a subscription. 


Screenshot 1

2. Purchase a Subscription

  1.  Fill out the following fields:

Quantity (required): Enter the number of StartMail accounts you wish to purchase. (Required) 

Reserve your desired email address: Enter your desired email address. This email address will be reserved for you until you complete the order, with a maximum of 7 days. The email address must contain at least 3 characters. Only letters, numbers, dots, hyphens and underscores are allowed. StartMail will immediately let you know if the address is or isn't available. The system will also inform you if an address is not valid. (Required)

Send order confirmation to: Enter an already existing email address that you have to which an order confirmation can be sent. An order confirmation email is optional, but very important, as this message can be used to recover your purchase in case something goes wrong.

Country (required): Select the country in which you are located. StartMail is based in the Netherlands, and in order to comply with Dutch tax authorities we are obliged to store at least the country where our subscribers will use our products.

I'm ordering as a: Select the Private customer option. If you wish to purchase a StartMail Business Account, please follow the instructions given here.

Apply promo code: Enter your promo code if applicable. The discounted amount will immediately be subtracted.

2. Click the green Confirm order button at the bottom of the page. This will open the Confirm your order page.


Screenshot 2

3. Confirm your order

1. Check all of the entered information and make sure it is correct. Click the change link if you wish to make any changes.

2. Read the "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy", and check the box to agree with both documents. (No cooling off period, as explained in the Terms of Service, will apply.)

3. Click the green Pay $... button at the bottom of the page. You will now see the Payment Confirmation page.



4. Payment Confirmation

1. Select the desired payment option. Click here to see which payment options are accepted.

2. Enter the required fields, and confirm at the bottom of the page. You will now be shown the What do you want to do? page. If this page does not appear, please double check and make sure you've entered the correct payment information.

5. What do you want to do?

1. Click the green Create button. You will now be shown the Create your account page.

6. Create your account

1. Check your email address, or change it if desired.

2. Create a Password. It will automatically show you whether your password is strong enough. 

3. Confirm password by typing in the same password as in the previous field.

4. Click the blue Create my account box. Please wait while we create your account, this could take a moment. You will then see the Congratulations! page.


7. Congratulations!

1. Enter your Name. This is the name that will be shown when others receive your email in their inbox.

2. Enter your Recovery email address.

3. Click the green Next: the last step> button. This will open the The last step page.


8. The last step

1. In the News and updates section, select the Yes, I agree to receive this box for useful tips and news.

2. For the How did you hear about us? section, select the applicable option. 

3. In the field under Confirm your password, please enter your previously created password. 

4. Click the green Save and start using StartMail button. This may take a while, but you will eventually see the Preferences saved popup. 

5. On the Preferences saved popup, click Continue to enter your newly created StartMail Account.

- For more information on how to transition to your StartMail account, please visit this Support Center article.
- To learn how to get started with email encryption in StartMail, please follow this link.

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