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How to set up your StartMail account in SeaMonkey
Last modified on 05 June 2018 10:02 AM

IMPORTANT!  Before you can add your StartMail account to your email client, you must follow the steps described here to receive your incoming mail server address, outgoing mail server address and IMAP password.


  1. Start SeaMonkey and select Window > Mail & Newsgroups (or just enter command +2).

  2. Select Email Account, and click Continue.

  3. On the Identity screen, type in your preferred name and your StartMail email address and click Continue.

  4. On the Incoming Server Information screen, enter the Incoming Server information from your  "Add device password" popup:

    - Select IMAP
    - Port: 993
    - Incoming Server:
    - User Name: to your full StartMail Address, e.g.,

    Click Continue.

  5. On the Outgoing Server Information screen, enter the following information from your "Add device password" popup:

    - Outgoing Server:
    - Outgoing User Name: your full StartMail address, e.g.,

    Click Continue

  6. Account Name: Enter a user name you would like to refer to this account.

    Click Continue.

  7. On the Congratulations screen, you can review the info you've put in so far. Compare this info the info in your "Add device password" screen. Make corrections if necessary.

  8. We're not finished yet! In SeaMonkey, look for your new StartMail account name in the list of accounts on the left. Right-click on it, and select Settings.

  9. Click on Server Settings in the left menu. In the options to the right, change Connection security from "None" to "SSL/TLS."

  10. Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) in the left menu.

  11. On the right, your SMTP configuration will be listed. Select the one that corresponds to StartMail and click Edit.

  12. Make the following changes:

    - Port: 587.
    - Connection security: STARTTLS
    - Authentication method: Normal password
    - User Name:Your full StartMail email address.

    Click OK.

  13. In the left column, under your email address, select Inbox.

  14. Enter the password that was shown in the "Add device password" popup in StartMail.


- Previously, users with IMAP connections had a two letter prefix in the "Server hostname" fields. While those configurations will work, the two-letter prefix is no longer needed.

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