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I can't configure my StartMail IMAP account - what can I do?
Last modified on 07 June 2018 07:54 AM

If you are having trouble configuring your IMAP connection, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can take that will resolve the most common connection issues. Note: For purposes of referring to IMAP, all mail clients are considered 'devices'.

1. Confirm that a unique IMAP device entry has been added for your email client in StartMail Settings.

You can confirm this by signing in at Then click Settings > Mobile/IMAP, and make sure that your device is listed under Devices. (If your device is not listed, follow this link to create an IMAP device entry for your client.).

* Please note that the image below you will see a number of possible email clients with a StartMail IMAP connection. Depending on the email client you've added, this list may vary.

2. Make sure the correct password is entered in your device's email client

When your email client asks you for a password, confirm that you have entered the unique device password (consisting of 16 random letters/numbers) that StartMail generated in the Add device password popup. Don't use your account password (the password you use to sign in to your StartMail webaccount). Please also note that StartMail requires you to use a unique password for each mail client you connect to StartMail. This way, if someone gets control of one of your linked IMAP devices (say, if your phone is stolen), then the attacker doesn't have full control of your email account, and you can easily disable their access by deleting the associated IMAP device record from StartMail Settings.

* Please note that the below screenshot shows an example of a unique IMAP password, consisting of 16 numbers/letters, that is generated for a mail client. Your unique IMAP password is different from the one shown in the image below.

* If you no longer see or have access to the information in the Add device password popup, you will have to delete the device, and start the process over again. For security reasons, StartMail does not store Add device password information for you, and it will only be shown once. To delete an existing device please follow the instructions given in step 7 below.



3. Confirm that your StartMail email address is entered for username fields.

For IMAP, your username is always your full email address. Do not enter your first, last or full name in the User Name field.


4. Check that all domains end in

Domains should always end in, instead of (for example), or, etc.


5. Check that you've entered your SMTP (outgoing mail) information.

Sometimes, a mail client will give the impression that SMTP information is optional:

But StartMail requires that you enter SMTP (outgoing mail) information to send email. Your SMTP settings are shown in the Add Device popup, just below your IMAP details:

6. Check if the correct SMTP server is being used, if you can receive but not send email. 

Sometimes the email client has trouble connecting with the correct SMTP server when sending out email. This may be the case if more than one SMTP StartMail server is listed, e.g. from previous setups. If this is the case, please remove all other outgoing mail (SMTP) StartMail servers in your device's email client.

To do this, please enter the SMTP settings in your device's email client setup, and delete all other SMTP servers other than your primary server. Please consult the helpdesk for your email client to learn how to delete additional SMTP servers.

7. Delete your current IMAP settings and start over again.

If you've tried steps 1 to 6 and you still can't fully configure your StartMail IMAP account, please try deleting the existing device setup in both your StartMail web account and in your device's email client, and setup a new IMAP device entry for your client. 

To delete an existing device in your StartMail web account, please go to Settings at the top right of your StartMail webaccount, select Mobile/IMAP in the left column, and click delete to remove this device. To learn how to remove an IMAP connection on your specific device, please consult your device's instructions. Follow this link to create a new IMAP device entry for your client.

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