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How to set up your StartMail account on an Android device
Last modified on 23 May 2018 02:51 AM


STOP! Before you can add your StartMail account to your email client, you first must enable IMAP access in the StartMail settings.

Follow this link to enable IMAP access in StartMail before returning to the steps below.

You can access your StartMail inbox and send and receive emails using a variety of email clients on the Android platform. This article describes the use of three specific email clients - Android's default mail client, K-9 Mail, and R2Mail2 - to send and receive emails. For other mail clients, please consult the application's documentation for instructions on how to enter the IMAP settings for your StartMail account.

StartMail does not endorse any third-party email client, and makes no guarantees that any of the applications mentioned here are compatible in any way with StartMail, PGP, or any other service or technology. StartMail does not offer support of any kind for any third-party products, and recommend that you consult with the application creator for help in configuring IMAP or encryption on your mobile device.


Android Default Mail Client and K-9 Mail Client Setup:

The following steps will walk you through setting up your StartMail IMAP account using the Android native email client and K-9 Mail. There are only a few simple differences in setup between the two and those are indicated in italics.

Note: Stock Android 4.4.4 was used to create these steps. Android 5.0 users should be advised that the default Mail application has been merged with Gmail.

1. From the Settings app,

scroll down to Accounts and select Add Account.

Depending on what build of Android you have, you may need to select Email or IMAP or some combination of the two. If you are using K-9 instead of the native email client, open K-9 and begin by tapping Next. If you need to download and install K-9 mail, follow this link.


2. Enter your email address and tap the forward arrow.


3. On the "Sign in" screen, provide your IMAP password (this isn't your StartMail account password, but the password you just generated) and tap the forward arrow.


4. On the "Incoming Server Settings" screen, enter the following details from the add device password pop-up you generated in StartMail (the order and nomenclature will differ slightly for K-9 Mail):

  • Username: (your StartMail email address)
  • Authentication: password provided in the Add Device pop-up. This is called "Password" in K-9 Mail.
  • Server:  (This is called "IMAP Server" in K-9 Mail.)
  • Security Type: SSL/TLS
  • K-9 Mail only - Authentication: (Plain).

When you're finished, tap the forward arrow.


5. On the "Outgoing Server Settings" screen, enter or copy and paste the following details from the StartMail add device password popup. (the order and nomenclature will differ slightly for K-9 Mail):

  • SMTP Server:
  • Security Type: STARTTLS from the selection list in the Security Type field. For K-9 Mail, select STARTTLS (always).
  • Port: 587
  • Check the "Require sign-in" box
  • Username: your StartMail email address
  • Authentication: password provided in the Add Device pop-up. This is called “Password” in K-9 Mail.
  • K-9 Mail only - Authentication: (Plain)



R2Mail2 Setup:

1. Download and install R2Mail2 from the Google Play Store:

2. Open R2Mail2.

3. R2Mail2's initial setup wizard will begin. Complete these items and tap Next to continue to set up your StartMail account via IMAP. Note: For Step 4 of the R2Mail2 setup wizard, enter a "master password" to password-protect use of R2Mail2. This password is required by the app but is not your StartMail account password.



4. On the "Choose type of your account:" screen, select IMAP / SMTP.


5. Under "Personal Settings", complete the following fields:

  • E-Mail Address: Your StartMail email address
  • Your Name: The name you wish to have displayed on emails sent from this device. This is optional.
  • Account Name: Enter a name that describes this account (e.g., "StartMail")



6. Under "IMAP Server Settings", complete the following fields with the info from the add device password:

  • Server:
  • Security: SSL/TLS
  • Port: 993
  • Username: Your full StartMail email address
  • Password: The password shown to you in the add device password

When you are finished, tap Next.



7. Under "SMTP Server Settings", complete the following fields with the info from the add device password popup:

  • Server:
  • Security: STARTTLS
  • Port: 587
  • Username: Your full StartMail email address
  • Password: The password shown to you in your add device password popup.

When you are finished, tap Next.

8. Complete the "Folder Settings" page by selecting your preferred options. Please consult the R2Mail2 documentation for details.

9. Complete the "Security Settings" and "Signature Settings" options to finish setting up R2Mail2's IMAP configuration.

10. After completing Step 9, you'll be presented with a list of accounts - StartMail should be shown. Tap that to be brought to your Inbox and begin using R2Mail2.



- If you have been unsuccessful, take a moment to recheck all the information you entered, especially information found in the Add device popup that was generated when you first enabled IMAP access.
Follow this link for some common troubleshooting tips for setting up StartMail with your email client.
- PGP support appears to be available for K-9 Mail with APG and R2Mail2 only.
- Previously, users with IMAP connections had a two letter prefix in the "Server hostname" fields. While those configurations will work, the two-letter prefix is no longer needed.

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