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How do I adjust the font in my email?
Last modified on 20 February 2020 12:17 PM

Adjust the size or style of some text you have already written

Select that text and adjust the Font and Size settings to your liking.

  • You can find these in the rich text editor at the top of the compose message window


Adjust the font type and font style from the beginning of an email or from a given point onward

Choose the Font and Size without highlighting any text and continue composing normally.



  • If you are unable to perform the actions described above, make sure that you are composing using rich text. You will know you have rich text selected if you see the formatting bar at the top of your compose window:


  • If you don't see this, just click Rich text formatting in the compose window


You may also adjust this by going to Settings > Compose and selecting "Rich formatting" under "Default email composition format."



 Note: Currently we do not have the option to change the default font, but this is an enhancement we are reviewing for the future.

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