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Moving multiple emails to a folder
Last modified on 28 August 2017 04:54 PM

This article explains how to move emails using StartMail on the Web. To move email in your email client either on a desktop/laptop or a mobile device, please consult the instructions for your specific device or client.

Log in to To move multiple emails from one folder to another (for instance, from your Inbox to a custom folder), go to the origin folder, highlight the emails you would like to move and drag them onto the destination folder in the navigation panel to the left.

There are several ways you can highlight messages: 

Highlight a range of consecutive emails

  • Click and highlight an email. Then, hold down the Shift key down and use the up and down directional arrows to select additional emails.
  • Click and highlight an email. Now hold down the Shift key and click the last email in the range of emails you want to highlight; the two emails you clicked on and every email in between will now be highlighted.

 Highlight non-consecutive emails

  • If you want to highlight non-consecutive emails, follow the second method above, but use the Control (or Command) key instead of the Shift key. Now only the two emails you clicked will be highlighted as opposed to every email in between. 

Mix and match these methods depending on your needs.

For more information on folders, please see this article.

Note: Make sure you're in your inbox when trying to move emails into a folder. It is not possible to do this when you're in the actual email.

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