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Is StartMail compatible with Tor (a.k.a. The Onion Router)?
Last modified on 20 February 2020 10:29 AM

StartMail is fully accessible via the Tor (The Onion Router) Network.

For more information on Tor, please visit:

At StartMail, we feel sympathetic towards the Tor project. Tor fulfills an important role in keeping the Internet private.  However, the Tor system logic typically changes your visible IP address every 10 minutes or so, which may result in being logged out unexpectedly. This is because StartMail has a feature that automatically terminates your session when a change in IP address is detected, as we interpret this to be a potential security issue.  This security feature also affects users of private VPNs.

To allow for an uninterrupted service for our TOR users we have added a settings flag to disable this security feature.

  1. From a Web browser, log in to your StartMail account by navigating to
  2. Click the Settings link from the top right corner of your StartMail page.

  3. From the Settings menu, select Account.

  4. Un-check the flag labeled "restrict session origin."

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the Save Changes button.
  6. A confirmation message will be displayed.

You wil now be able to use StartMail with your TOR browser, without having to sign in repeatedly. 

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