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My sent/recipient limit has been reached. What does this mean?
Last modified on 24 June 2017 04:53 PM

StartMail has a zero-tolerance policy regarding spam, junk or any other form of unsolicited messages. In order to prevent abuse of our service, we implemented a limit to the number of messages that can be sent within a certain timeframe. If you exceed the limit, an error message will appear stating your sent/recipient limit has been reached.

[smtp, 550 5.7.1 Your sent/recipient limit has been reached]

Why have we set this limit?

Abusing our email service by sending unsolicited messages is harmful for both our company and for our users. When our service is used to send unsolicited messages, there is a risk that our IP address(es) will be blacklisted. Additionally, when an IP address is frequently blacklisted, that carries the additional risk that the IP address will be blocked entirely for some period of time. Consequently, all StartMail users who use that IP address would then be unable to send messages. Needless to say, we take this risk very seriously.

What happens if I exceed this limit?

When the total amount of messages sent (each recipient counts as a sent message) exceeds the maximum, your outgoing messages will temporarily be bounced. PLease note that all other features in your email account will not be affected. This means you will still be able to receive emails and change your menu settings.

When will I be able to send my messages again?

If your messages are temporarily bounced, please wait for one hour and try again. Every hour a portion of messages is added back to your available quota.

Please note: To learn more about the maximum number of emails we have set, please send an email to and include the number of emails you wish to send out at once.

More information about our fair use policy can be found in our Terms of Service here .

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