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Is StartMail self-hosted or hosted within a data center?
Last modified on 21 February 2020 01:42 PM

The servers that host StartMail are our property. We own them.

We locate our servers in data centers so we can take advantage of the fast and robust network interconnections, electrical redundancy, high availability infrastructure and the physical and security protections that they afford. Within these data centers, however, we have a number of locked server cabinets and manage the servers ourselves.

All private data for StartMail is hosted on servers located in Amsterdam, in The Netherlands. These secure data centers have our 100% owned servers on our custom-built, dedicated cabinets. We think this setup is essential for offering true privacy to our users. We located these servers in The Netherlands because of the stringent Dutch privacy protection. Outside of the core StartMail servers, we have our StartMail Support Center and Blog servers which do not hold personal data and are located in data centers located around the world.

We avoid the use of cloud computing, for example through Amazon’s services, as a privacy precaution.

If you would like to know more about StartMail's privacy measures, feel free to review our Privacy Policy and Technical White Paper. The URLs are listed below.

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