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How do I download an email attachment?
Last modified on 29 August 2017 02:08 PM

Emails you receive may include additional files, called attachments. Attachments can be pictures, text files, or almost anything else.

When an email arrives in your StartMail inbox that contains an attachment, StartMail will show you the attachment in one of two ways, depending on the attachment file type.

  • Text files and other attachments will appear as a filename inside an Attachments: field shown in the message header above the body of the message. To download the attachments, click or tap on the filename. Depending on your Operating System and browser, you may be prompted to download the file, display it, or open it in a compatible application.

  • Image files will be displayed inline in the email message. When images are attached inline, you can find them both in the attachment as well as in the text. To download images like these, right-click (or long-press, if using a touch interface) to display additional actions you can take. Depending on the capabilities of your browser and Operating System, you may be able to save the image to your device. Otherwise the image can always be downloaded via the attachments at the top of the email.

 Note: More information about PGP encryption of attachments, please click here.

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