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Account Renewal for Personal Accounts
Last modified on 05 June 2018 04:30 PM

Thank you for your interest in renewing your StartMail Personal Account! A purchased Personal StartMail account is valid for one year. Before the end of your current subscription, you will receive notifications to renew your account. These notifications will be sent 30 days, 2 weeks, one week, and one day prior to account expiration. It is possible to renew your account for multiple years.

Any remaining time left on your current subscription will remain, and one year will be added to your current subscription!  

To renew your account, please follow the 10 steps below.

  1. Log in to your StartMail account, and click the green Renew your subscription button at the top of your Inbox. (Note: you can also renew your subscription by clicking on the Renew button in your email notification, or by clicking the Account button at the top right of your Inbox.)

  2. The following page will appear. Under Send order confirmation to, enter your email address. Select the country you live in, and whether you are a private or business customer.

  3. After filling out the above information, you will see the following page, which confirms the information entered and shows the total amount due for your purchase(s).  Select Confirm order to continue.

  4. Please review to see whether you’ve entered the right information. Read the "Terms of Service" and "Privacy Policy", and check the box to agree with both documents.  (No cooling off period, as explained in the Terms of Service, will apply.). Then click the green Pay $… at the bottom right corner to continue to the Payment confirmation page.

  5. Payment Confirmation Page – An order reference number is generated and payment options are displayed. Select your desired payment option. Click here to see which payment options are accepted. Please fill out your payment information for your desired payment option. 

  6. A "Renewal complete" page will show if your payment was successful. Click Continue.

  7. You will receive an email confirmation in your Inbox from StartMail. If you wish to make any changes, you can do so here.
  8. You will receive a second email message from StartMail titled: “Thank You! StartMail Subscription  Renewal”. You can now start using your StartMail account again.

- If you experience any difficulty placing your order, please contact the Support Team at: for assistance.
- For more information on what happens when an account expires, please visit this article from our Support Center.

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