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What happens when an account expires?
Last modified on 20 February 2020 10:48 AM

The steps below outline what happens when a Personal Account is not renewed for an additional year of service, or when a Public Beta Account is not upgraded to a Paid Personal Account. In general, users have limited access to their inbox for one month following account expiration, followed by a five-month window in which the StartMail inbox is locked but the account can still be renewed. After six months, accounts may be permanently deleted, and a new account with a new address and inbox will have to be created in order to continue to use StartMail.

Phase 1: Grace period

  • When an account expires, there will be a one-month grace period in which users are still able to log into their account and access their inbox. Sending mail is disabled.
  • During this time, IMAP connections are disabled. They can be re-enabled by upgrading the account.
  • Upon login, a message that the account is currently expired and the amount of time left for the grace period will be shown.

Phase 2: Inbox access disabled

  • After the grace period expires, the account will be available in a locked state for another five months.
  • Users can log in and renew their account. No other account actions are possible.
  • Inbox access is disabled.

During this five-month period, users are free to log in and upgrade their account in order to restore full access.

Phase 3 - Termination

  • Six months after an account expires, it will be nominated for permanent deletion. This may not occur immediately at the end of the six-month expiration period, but may happen at any time after Phase 2.
  • Once termination occurs, the account will be permanently inaccessible and cannot be restored.

If you would like to renew your account, please go ahead and login to your expired account and click on the green Renew Your Subscription button. Then please see this Support Center article link for directions on how to complete your order.

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