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Domain ownership validation
Last modified on 24 October 2017 04:01 PM

Before you can use StartMail with your own domain, we need to verify that it is really yours. You can verify the domain ownership by adding a DNS TXT-record in your domains' DNS settings with a token that we supply. You have to configure this in the management console of your domain host, not in the StartMail Business menu.

What is DNS?

For more information about what DNS exactly is, please refer to this DNS article on Wikipedia.

Every domain host can use a slightly varying way to manage DNS settings, so we can only provide general information about how to set it up. Providing detailed instructions on how to set up MX records on your domain is impossible for us. Ask for assistance at your host if you do not know how to manage your DNS settings.

Adding the validation TXT record

If you are setting up a subdomain, please consult [subdomain setup page]

a) Go to menu Business, submenu Domains, and click “Add domain”

b) Enter the domain name you want to use, for instance “”.

c) Now click “Verify domain”. You will then be shown a verification value that you’ll need to enter into your DNS settings.

d) Log in to your domain management panel at your host.

e) Locate the DNS settings page

f) Add a TXT record with the following content (you should leave existing records in place). Enter the verification value you received at step c).

Record Type Name Value TTL
TXT startmail-verification=[personal token] 600

g) Save your changes.

Depending on your host, it can take some time before StartMail can access this TXT record. If you think you have set up your TXT records correctly, but are still unable to verify the domain after three days, please contact

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