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What is a Seat?
Last modified on 13 March 2017 02:10 PM

A Business Seat or Seat in short, is a space that can be used to activate a Staff Account. When setting up your Business Account, you will need to purchase one Seat for each Staff Account you would like to have active concurrently. A Seat will be valid for one year starting from the moment of purchase, and it can be renewed each year.

After purchasing the number of Seats that you need, you can use them to create Staff Accounts. Once a Seat has been used to create a Staff Account, it can be freed up again by deleting a Staff Account. The Seat will then immediately be available again.

For more information about what happens if you delete an account within your Business Account, please also check the following support article:

What happens if I delete a mailbox within my Business Account?

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