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What is the Master Key?
Last modified on 18 April 2019 10:16 AM

When your Business Setup Account is created, your Master Key will be shown only once: at signup. This key will allow you to perform the most secure actions for all accounts created within your Business Account.

What does it do?

The Master Key can be used in order to perform the following actions:

  • Perform password resets for Accounts within your Business Account.
  • Recover PGP keys of all accounts within your Business Account.
  • Recover a Business Setup Account from the account recovery page (

What is the Master Key’s format?

The format of the Master Key is 15 Diceware words ranging from 1 character to 6 characters, separated by a dash. Example: silky-eagle-coot-janos-bayed-assai-wold-rev-ski-level-shrew-vice-bess-tone-allow

What if the Master Key is lost?

If the Master Key is lost, there is no way of generating a new Master Key. The Business Account will have to be terminated and a new Setup Account will have to be established. For more information about, click here.

Future improvements

German Diceware is also available; we are planning to implement words for the Master Key for German users. 

We are planning to build a feature that enables users to use the current Master Key to generate a new Master Key. 

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