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How do I recover my Business Account?
Last modified on 29 August 2017 08:12 PM

The passwords of all mailboxes of your Business Account can be reset in the Business menu, using the Master Key. In order to reset your account, please contact the administrator(s) within your company or organization.

By design, StartMail is not able to reset the password of accounts within a Business Subscription. This is due to privacy concerns and efficiency concerns. Sending a recovery email message, as is one of the options for Personal Accounts, can take up to 12 hours. We think Business Account users will want immediate response to situations where a user lost access to a Staff Account, which should be able to be accomplished by contacting a Business Account Admin.

Recovery can only take place using the Master Key to prevent another email service being the weakest link from which an account can be compromised. StartMail does not have access to this Master Key.

There are two ways to recover a Business Account:

1. Via the regular recovery process

Select the following option: "If you have a master key and the account is a Business Admin account, click here to continue"

  • You'll need to enter your Master Key to complete the recovery process


2. Via the Business Admin page

  1. For your listed accounts within the Business Admin page, select "Manage Account" for the account you'd like to reset
  2. Select "Change Password"
  3. Enter your Master Key, followed by the new password
  4. Select "Recover"


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