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What is SPF?
Last modified on 21 June 2017 05:44 PM

SPF, which stands for Sender Policy Framework, is an email validation mechanism designed to detect so-called email spoofing, a technique often used by spammers and phishers to forge a sender email address.

SPF allows the administrator of a domain to specify which hosts are authorized to send emails from that domain. Each domain has a list of authorized hosts published within the Domain Name System (DNS) records in the form of a TXT record. Through SPF, the receiving mail exchangers are able to check if an incoming mail from a domain comes from a host authorized by that domain’s administrators.

If a specific message comes from an unauthorized host, the receiving mail server may reject the message as spam. The exact measure you want the receiving mail server to take can be set in your DNS records.

For more information on how to set up SPF for your StartMail Business Account, please visit this Support Center article.


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