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Business Accounts - Aliases
Last modified on 20 February 2020 12:27 PM

This article discusses aliases for Business Accounts only. If you wish to read more about aliases for Personal Accounts, please click here.

A StartMail Business Account has robust support for Business, Custom, and Disposable Email Aliases. In brief, an alias is a privacy feature that allows you to use your StartMail account to send and receive email at an email address different from your master StartMail account email address.

StartMail allows you to use three different types of aliases:

  • Business Email Alias: Aliases that are specifically used with domains, e.g., 
  • Custom Email Alias: A customized alias for which users can choose their own local part, e.g.,
  • Disposable Email Alias: Random temporary aliases that have a random string in the local part, e.g.,

Business Email Alias
Business Email Aliases are created by Business Account Admins and can last forever. Admins are able to create an unlimited number of Business Email Aliases via the Administrators Dashboard. Business Email Aliases always end in (e.g.,, etc.)

 Business alias flowchart

Business Email Aliases can be assigned by Admins to one or more Staff Accounts. As long as the different domains (sub-domains of primary domain or completely different domains) are set up and managed in the same StartMail Business Setup Account, the Business Email Aliases can be used/shared among all configured email addresses and different domains. You will have the ability to reply to emails using the correct and appropriate corresponding domains. To learn how to set up a Business Email Alias, please refer to this article.

Custom Email Alias
Custom aliases offer many of the same advantages as disposable aliases, but with Custom aliases, users get to choose their own local part. Custom aliases always end with An example of a Custom Alias would be A user can have up to 10 active Custom Aliases at the same time, and they last as long as the user wants. Custom aliases can be activated and deactivated by the user at any time.

Disposable Email Alias
There are an unlimited number of Disposable Aliases available for Business Accounts (including Business Account seats). Disposable Aliases will always end with It is not possible to generate a Disposable Alias using a custom domain because the email address will always end with Disposable Aliases have a maximum lifespan of 2 weeks.

To sum up:

  Business Email Alias Custom Email Alias Disposable Alias
Number available Unlimited 10 Unlimited
Created by Admin Individual user Individual user
Email address starts with Custom made by admin Custom made by user Random string made by computer
Email address ends with
Example Alias

Aliases never display the name associated with your account in the From: field or elsewhere. Only the chosen alias is shown. Emails sent to and from Disposable, Custom, or Domain Email Aliases will appear in your account's Inbox and Sent folder, just like emails sent to or from your main StartMail account address. Aliases do not have their own folders. Also, there is no additional charge for aliases!

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