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CAPTCHA message
Last modified on 13 October 2017 10:27 PM

A CAPTCHA is a test used to tell the difference between computer programs and legitimate users. It is one of the vital instruments we have in place to prevent anyone brute forcing (trying different passwords many, many times).

There are three ways you can be shown a CAPTCHA on StartMail:

  • After a password or email address has been incorrectly entered two or more times
  • When creating a trial account
  • When asking for a password reset

If the CAPTCHA keeps coming up, please carefully check your typing. When your email address and password is entered to login to your account, if there is not an exact match, our system will not recognize your login. After a second attempt, our system brings up the CAPTCHA window. You may choose a new CAPTCHA if you cannot properly read the current one. To do this, please click new code in the box until you find one you can easily read.

To avoid making typo's and thereby triggering a CAPTCHA, it might help to check the box on the login page "Remember my email on this computer".

You can read more general information about CAPTCHAs here:

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