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What is a StartMail Trial Account and how do I sign up for one?
Last modified on 20 March 2019 10:21 AM

Thank you for your interest in StartMail. A StartMail Trial Account is an account which gives you an opportunity to try StartMail for free!

Trial Accounts are effective for 30 days with an additional 20 days of read-only mail capability. You may upgrade your Trial Account to a paid Personal Account at any time.

Trial Account Limitations

* Trial accounts are only valid for a period of 30 days.

* You're only able to send emails to support. This means you cannot test sending or receiving encrypted messages. You can follow the steps to set up encryption (Q&A, PGP), but you're only not able to send these type of messages. You can receive email from anyone.

* You can only have one custom alias.

* You're not able to use IMAP on a trial account.


To  get started, please visit the following link:

1. Start by choosing a desired email address and password. During the trial period, we will reserve this name for you.

2.  At the bottom of the page, please review our Terms of Service. You need to agree with the terms of service to continue. Then, click Create My Trial Account and wait for the account to be created. This may take several seconds.

3. After clicking Create my trial account, a message will be displayed giving you the option to create a Display name. When you send an email, it will say “from: example” instead of “from:”. You will also be prompted to enter a recovery address if desired. 

Note: We highly recommend completing this step. If you are without a valid recovery address or recovery code, you will not be able to recover your account in the event that you’ve forgotten your password. For more information about initiating a password reset, please also see the article below:

Please click the Next: the last step button as pictured below.

4. Pictured in the screenshot below is the last step in which you can let us know how you heard about StartMail and if you would like to receive news and updates from us. These two fields are optional, but we’d appreciate if you filled them in! Field #5 requires you to fill in your chosen password again as an  extra safety measure.  Click the Save and start using StartMail button to continue.

5. Next, a pop up window will display with information about confirming your recovery address. Click the Continue button.

6. Your account is now created! You will immediately be directed to your new account’s Inbox. A notification email will be in your account inbox with the following welcome message: Welcome to your StartMail Trial Account! The 10 ways to get the most out of StartMail PDF file and a Terms of Service PDF file will be attached to the email.


If you entered your recovery address (as mentioned in Step 4) an email from with the subject line: “Confirm your StartMail recovery address” will be sent to your recovery address which contains a link to confirm in your StartMail account.  Please login to your recovery address and click on the StartMail link. An article about updating your recovery address can be found here.



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