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Managing contacts
Last modified on 20 February 2020 10:53 AM

To manage your contacts, click Contacts in the upper right-hand corner.


Edit information for an individual contact

To pull up a contact record, highlight a contact by clicking the corresponding row followed by edit, or double click on that contact.

Note: if you click the email address, it will open up a new message addressed to that contact, so click anywhere else but the email address!

From the contact record, you can adjust a number of standard attributes such as Name, Job title, Company, Email address, Address, and so on.

In addition to the standard contact information, StartMail offers a few additional options:

  • Always show rich text (HTML) messages for this sender
  • Always show external images for this sender
  • Always encrypt messages to this sender
  • Always sign using your digital signature
    • You can also determine whether or not to automatically encrypt or sign messages to a recipient from the contacts list. Just click the appropriate icon: 

When you are done editing, click .


Print contact record or delete contact record

Highlight the desired contacts and click print or delete above.


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