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Anti-Spam Feature
Last modified on 24 January 2017 05:11 AM

StartMail uses state-of-the-art methods to keep unwanted junk mail from clogging your inbox. Over time our Bayesian filtering technology learns your preferences to determine what is and is not spam. Along with the standard algorithms, we use metadata to obtain real-life examples of what users do and do not consider spam. We choose to store this information in the user's personal User Vault, instead of using it generally to enhance the overall effectiveness of our spam filter. Because of privacy reasons, we do not combine the spam learning algorithm mechanism among all users. Consequently, it may take longer for the spam filter to learn the desired filtering algorithm for an individual StartMail user than it would for a spam filter of an email service that reads, runs through, and analyzes all its users' behavior concerning spam. This is one of our privacy protections. 

Whether or not an email is officially marked as spam can be seen in the full header. To show the full header information, please click on the email in question and click “Show full header” at the top right of the email. On the left side of the Full Header information, you will see a Spam score under X-Spam-Status: such as 3.5, required = 5.0. It may take several clicks for the system to finally put these emails in your Spam folder. Once the threshold of 5.0 is reached, the emails will automatically be sent to the Spam folder.

You can help train your spam filter by marking any junk mail in your inbox as spam rather than simply deleting it.  To do so, simply highlight the message(s) you want to mark as spam and then click the spam button above your inbox. Please follow this link for more information on preventing and removing spam.

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