Compose and Send Email (New)
Last modified on 24 March 2020 01:32 AM

To Compose and Send an email, please follow the instructions below:


1. Click on "Compose" - (Zoomed out view)

 OR: Click on Compose icon - (Zoomed in view)


Compose Icon 


2. To send an email, add at least one recipient in the 'To' field

Type in the first 3 letters of the desired email address if the contact is already in your Contact list. (See Settings>Contacts)

  • Startmail will automatically fill in the address
  • Click on the full email address to add it to the 'To' field

If the recipient has not yet been added to your Contact list, type the address in the field. (Separate email addresses with commas)



3. For Cc (Carbon copy) / Bcc (Blind carbon copy):

  • Click on Cc/Bcc to the right of the 'To' field to display the Cc and the Bcc fields
  • Enter recipient email addresses with the first 3 letters as in #2 above or type in a new address.


CcBccLink in To field 


 CcBccFields red boxes

4. You may enter a Subject in the Subject field, although this is not required. (Subject lines aren't able to be encrypted when sent over the Internet).

5. When finished writing your email, click the Send button.



6. You will find your sent emails in the Sent folder.


7. If you want to send an attachment and/or a PGP or Password Protected Message (PPM) encrypted email, click Attach File or Encrypt.


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