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Last modified on 07 October 2019 04:05 PM

If you do not want to have to share your private email address every time you are asked to provide it, use an alias instead. Aliases are easy to create and to use, and can also be temporarily disabled or permanently deleted with just a few clicks.

Create an Alias

1. Log in to your StartMail email account via


2. Click Settings at the top of the navigation bar.



3. On the left-hand panel, select Aliases.



4. Now click Create Alias at the top. 

5. Enter your desired alias and display name (if preferred). Then click on the "Expires" field and specify the period of time for which the alias will be valid. After this period of time, the alias will expire.

If you want to use the Alias for an indefinite period of time, select Never


If you only want to use the Alias on a temporary basis, you can choose a different timeframe.

6. Click Create Alias.


Temporarily disable or delete Aliases


1. To disable an alias (permanently and temporarily), go to Settings > Aliases in your email account.

2. The Alias will be disabled once you click on the slider to move the button to the left. This action can be undone when enabling or disabling Aliases. 



3. If you click on "Delete" on the right-hand side, the alias will be deleted permanently. This means the Alias cannot be reused in the future.


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