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Last modified on 01 October 2019 02:59 PM

This article explains how to select multiple messages in your StartMail account.

This allows you to move up to 50 messages at a time, mark them as spam, delete them, mark them as read / unread, or flag them in general.


1. Log in to your StartMail email account via



2. Click on the square next to the message you want to select.


3. Then click the Select All button at the top of the navigation bar.



4. Then click on one of the displayed actions such "Move", "Junk", "Trash", "Mark as Read" or "Flag" based on the action you want to perform.



5. If you want to move the messages to another folder, you can either click on the “Move” button or drag and drop the messages to the designated folder. 



 If you do not want to select all the messages on a page at once, you can also select them individually.

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