Using Folders (New)
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StartMail allows you to create and manage your own custom folders and subfolders.

To create a folder:

  1. Log into

    NFE Login Screen

  2. Click Manage folders at the bottom left of the screen.

    Manage folders button

  3. Then, select Add folder at the bottom.

Add a folder button

4.  Enter the name of the new folder, and confirm by clicking Add folder.

New folder name screen


To move messages to a folder:

  1. Put a checkmark in front of the message(s) you want to move.
  2. Click the Move folder icon in the top navigation bar.

    Move message to folder

  3. Select the folder to which you want to move your message(s).

    Move message to selected folder

    Under Manage folders, a folder can also be renamed, moved, or deleted. 

    Manage folders options

    If a folder is deleted, the messages in the folder are also deleted.




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