New StartMail Version - Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions
Last modified on 10 October 2019 04:55 PM

1. Will anything change in terms of the privacy of my Account? 

No. During the development process for the New version of StartMail focused on adhering to its core values which include “privacy by design” and “minimal data retention”. As a result, we have improved our state-of-the-art technical and organizational security measures to equally protect your data and the privacy of your Account.

2. Can I still use the Classic version of StartMail?  

The Classic version will remain available until the New version has completely been developed. After that time it will not be possible to revert back to the Classic StartMail version.

3. What happens to all my existing emails, contacts, aliases and settings in my current StartMail Account? 

All existing emails, aliases, and contacts can be viewed and edited in the New version. Specific Settings may differ given the New version provides additional Settings.

4. Is there a difference in the cost of the two email accounts if I agree to use the New version of StartMail? 

No. There is no difference in cost between the Classic and New version of a StartMail subscription. A StartMail Personal Account and Business Account Seat are still valued a $59.95 or €49.95 per year.

5. Will I have to reset all my IMAP connections as separate accounts on my devices?

No. It is not necessary to reset all IMAP connections as separate accounts on any and all devices. Instead, you can continue to use the same IMAP connections to read and write your emails using an external client.

6. Will all my folders and filters automatically be transferred to the New version?

Yes. Any folders created in the Classic version will be transferred to the New version. Filters created in the Classic version can however not be managed and/or changed in the New version. If you wish to change or edit filters in the future, you may consider creating them in the New version right away.

7. Will I still be able to open emails in the New version that were encrypted in the Classic StartMail version?

Yes. Any emails that were encrypted in the Classic version can be opened in the New version.

8. Will I need to create new PGP keys in the New StartMail version in order to open, send, and receive encrypted emails?

No. Your PGP keys are also transferred to the New StartMail version allowing you to open, send, and received previously encrypted emails.

9. Will I be able to login to the New version with the same 2FA authentication code?

Yes. You can use the same 2FA authentication code to login to the New version of StartMail.

10. Will anything change in the subscription model? Will I need to pay on a yearly or monthly basis? 

Yes. As a result to StartMail’s use of Stripe and Chargebee, you no longer need to manually renew your subscription after setting it up once. Additionally, StartMail will eventually also offer reoccurring monthly payments.

Additional Question:

Will all the features I’m used to be available in the New StartMail?

Yes. All the basic features which you are used to and require to email privately and securely have been built in the New version. We are aware that some minor features still have to be built or improved but rest assured, we are working hard to add these to the New StartMail as soon as possible. Please let us know if you're missing something important and we'll do our best to add these as well! 

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