How to import your keys (New)
Last modified on 20 February 2020 11:42 AM

From another StartMail user with a PGP key. When you send an encrypted email to another StartMail user with a PGP key, their public key will automatically be added to your PGP keyring.

When you receive a PGP-encrypted email from a non-StartMail user. If you receive a PGP-encrypted e-mail from someone who does not use StartMail, you will need their public key: ask that they send their public key as an attachment. The key can then be saved directly from the e-mail as an .asc file.

Import manually. To manually import a public key from a (non-)StartMail user, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to StartMail and select Settings

  2. Select Encryption

  3. Select Import key

  4. Upload your key using one of the following to methods: 

    Using the Upload tab, either drag and drop the public key file from your computer or click the Browse button and upload using the dialog box. When done, click Import key.

    Using the Paste tab, Paste the public key you wish to import in the text box provided. You want to include all of the text that appears between the following headers, as well as the text of the headers themselves. When done, click Import key.

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